All caring and thoughtful parents attach prime importance to providing the best education to their children. Schools, Colleges and Universities are established both in public and private sectors with the aim of providing modern education at its best to the growing generations.

In the backdrop of mushrooming english medium schools around the country in the last several years, it has been a long cherished dream of the inhabitants of the town of Alathur and the surrounding region to establish an institution of a high standard where their children can have the best quality education and nourish such abilities and attributes which will make them useful members of the society. Isha’athul Islam Charitable Society, Alathur which has been rendering various educational, cultural, social and humanitarian services in the region for several decades, came forward after years long consultations and studies, to realize this dream by establishing MODEL CENTRAL SCHOOL, ALATHUR. It is quite gratifying that the dedicated service and the quality of the performance offered by the school till now have been adjudged by the parent community as satisfactory to a large extent.

Education of the growing generation is the most valuable investment the society makes for the future. The more prudently and studiedly this investment is made, the more prosperous and culturally rich the society becomes.

The Vision behind the establishment of the School and the Mission it undertakes to realize are stated here under.

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